Provide your clients with services that will enhance your existing medical practice, spa, hotel or resort with take charge medicine, spa structure, anti-aging technology, education, ongoing monitoring of health care and around-the-clock attention. Bring together an alternative care program that will both profit your clients health and your bottom line.

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Medical and Spa Development
Business plan development
Staff Training and Education
Training Manual Development
Medical and Spa Menu Creation
Newsletter Creation and Implementation
Marketing Collateral Development
Sales Implementation
Location Development (existing or new)

What is a medical Spa?

A Medical Spa is about having licensed physician(s) from specialized medical fields on staff to oversee the medical treatments of a medical clinic/spa.

What kind of Services could I incorporate into my Medical/Hospital practice or Spa, Hotel and Resort?

- diagnostic evaluation
- health assessment
- preventative medicine
- corporate health services
- personalized treatment plans
- comprehensive long-term monitoring of results for optimal rejuvenation
- massage services
- chiropractic services
- spa rejuvenation
- mediation
- yoga
- exercise evaluations
- nutritional counselling

What is the industry growth?

According to International Spa Association (ISPA) Medi-spas have had the highest growth rate - 133 percent - of any type of spa in the last five years. Entrepreneur Magazine lists Medi-spa as one of the 12 hot businesses for 2003. Spa Association, indicates a 23% growth annually with Medi-spas. Customers are looking for a quick fix and pampering, with today's Medi-spas you have combined the best of Western and Eastern medicine, technology with relaxation.

What kind of programs and assessments could GATTACA incorporate into my business?

Services Development

- Comprehensive Preventive Health Programs
- Women's Program
- Membership Development
- Risk Profile Assessment
- Diet-Nutrition Assessment
- Fitness Assessment
- Stress Management
- Disease Management
- Spa Services

What type of staff could I expect to assist with my project?

From one professional to the next, you can expect nothing less than the best in their fields. What ever your project requirements consist of, from an Architect, Designer, an Accountant, lawyer, or a medical director. The project will run from a preliminary start-up to launching opening day to ongoing day-to-day monitoring by the Managing Director.

Isn't it time for you to practice the medicine you have always wanted?
Isn't it time for your spa to provide the health attention your clients are asking for?
Isn't it time to bring health, wellness and rejuvenation to your business and piece of mind to your clients?
Yes, it's time. Bring back the old ways of medicine with new ways of science & technology.
It's time to incorporate a Medical Spa.

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