Developing An Alliance with Our Medical, Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Clients

Through developing strategies and implementation of operational process

Contract Sales Organization on a specialized or smaller resource requirement
(CSO 1- 10 sales/detailing representatives)

- pharmaceutical sales representative(s)and contract sales organizations on behalf of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies
- distribution of regulated prescription sample drugs, nutraceuticals, product literature, promotional and educational material to medical professionals and pharmacists.

Product Monographs

- assimilate scientific information
- Design and create product monographs for pharmaceutical & nutraceutical distribution.
- Design and create product monographs as an educational medium for medical professionals
- Literature fulfillment
- Designs and delivers innovative measurable and cost effective solutions for our clients distribution requirements.


- Design and implementation of programs to facilitate the delivering of a preventative approach to health, productivity and wellness.
- Network to corporate healthcare
- Merger and Identification of strategic relationships
- Refinancing and venture capital funding







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